It isn’t just a man’s world 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

Every year a few fearless women participate at the Crocodile Trophy. Some as SOLO participants and some as a DUO of pure girlpower or as the “better half” in a mixed team. Unfortunately the number of female participants has been decreasing during the last years. We’d love to change that and encourage more female riders to join MTB-stage races starting with the Croc 2020!

Therefore we created a woman day special: Every female rider who registers within 8th and 15th MARCH gets  -10% for the Croc 2020! All you have to do is contact us to get your voucher: regina@croc.at!

Strong women empower women

In 2019 4 women participated at the Crocodile Trophy. One of them is happy to give us a short glimpse of her impressions:

Angelika Tazreiter
Austrian pro cyclist
elite participant 2020

Angelika Tazreiter is an Austrian pro cyclist, sponsored by KTM & Ruefa.

“I probably had an unusual preparation for a MTB race, I spent the whole September on the road bike with the highlight Road World Championship in Yorkshire. Before that we participated an 8 day road race in France. So I was in very good physical condition and you as well don’t forget former 10 years of MTB experiance.

I arrived with mixed feelings: curiosity, a little bit of tension because of the different continent, climate, wildlife and camping (which I did last time more than 10 years ago), but I had a very nice travel companion and so 30 hours were surprisingly entertaining.

In Australia there were some last preparations to be done like buying a sleeping bag and a headlight. The first stage was from Cairns through the rainforest into the Australian steppe. That on sandy, stony surfaces and/or also flowing bike trails. The stages are demanding and very varied, one sees a lot of the country and has few kilometres on the asphalted road. The tent turned out to be a luxury camping with a camp bed. What else could go wrong there? We always spent 2 nights per camp, which I found very pleasant.

At the beginning I had the most respect for the “tent life”, but I think camping gives the Croc the special flair. After the stages we meet in the field kitchen for a snack and then spend the rest of the day together.  I enjoyed the time very much, made many friends and took home a lot of nice memories.”

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