4.-12. November 2022



It is of no secret the tight restrictions placed upon Australian borders, with no intention of them lifting anytime soon, has severely hampered our preparations for this years event and it has made it near on impossible for our international riders to participate in 2021.
The Croc organizers turned their efforts working tirelessly in the hope the event could be held with a reliance on Australian and NZ competitors making up the field.

Sadly, the slower than anticipated roll out of vaccination program within Australia has meant we are still experiencing sudden lock downs and quarantine periods. This has created a whole lot of uncertainty and in the inability to provide any guarantees.

As such it is with great disappointment, we are advising you the the Crocodile Trophy will be postponed until 4. – 12. November 2022. We know this is extremely disappointing to you all and we to are feeling your pain. This decision wasn’t made on a whim and much thought was given. We believe the Croc Trophy is a once in a lifetime experience for many of you and we feel with the current situation we as an organization could not provide an event that would stand up to yours or our expectations.

We want to ensure that as per the terms and conditions that 100% of entry will be rolled over into the 2022 event where we believe we will return to a true international event held to the standard you expect and deserve.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have, and we look forward to having you on the start line in beautiful Cairns in 2022.

Prologue plus 8 Stages

780 km  | 13,000 vm


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