Our multiple Croc Finisher Daniel Beresford is a local Australian artist who has been inspired by the Crocodile Trophy over the last few years. He literally put his passion to paper, created two magnificent artworks, which will no doubt become iconic pieces. One print of each of the paintings will be awarded to our overall male and overall female winners in this year’s 25th Anniversary Edition. Any racer and Crocodile Trophy fan can buy a print through Daniel’s website ARTEFX – find all details about how to order below. Competitors in this year’s event can pick up the print on the last day of the race and there are international shipping options as well.


“Into The Eye” – Men’s Winner’s Trophy

“Skybury” – Women’s Winner’s Trophy


About his passion for the Croc and the inspiration for his paintings Daniel says,

“I really love the race and it has changed my life since I did my first Croc in 2016! Everyone does this race with different goals and passions in mind and I really found myself in that race, from being stripped bare physically and mentally!

I see my family and whats important in life because of a bike race that you provide people around the World and how lucky we are to have it in Australia! I’ve been painting for many years but have never done anything with it or really tried to share my artwork. I have so many ideas for great paintings in that race that I wanted to do something that truly showed the passion and beauty and the brutal nature of the event.

I sat back and thought wouldn’t it be great to have a piece of artwork that would remind a rider of what they have achieved and have a memory that is immortalized into Canvas!”

Get a print by Daniel Beresford

Any racer and Crocodile Trophy fan can buy a print through Daniel’s website ARTEFX – he will set it up so that the prints will be delivered to Cairns for pick-up at the last day after the final ceremony. They will be packaged so that you can safely transport it home with you. Daniel has also set up international shipping through the printing portal. Check out his website for all the details.

How to order:

  • Order via the website artefx.com.au/portfolio/
  • Riders doing this year’s race can purchase prints in 2 sizes FROM both styles!
  • Use the code CROC25 so that Daniel can identify your purchases and that you will be at the race.
  • Cut-off date for the orders is 27th September 2019.
  • Prints will be handed out to the riders on the last day.

Thank you, Daniel, for sharing your love and passion for our race and see you in Cairns in October!

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