LA ROCHE-EN-ARDENNE – The Crocodile Trophy in the Australian outback is taking place for the 25th time this year. On the occasion of 25 years of Crocodile Trophy, a special anniversary book will be published that you can experience with all your senses. The ‘Croc organizers’ Gerhard Schönbacher and Regina Stanger have received a dummy from the anniversary book in La Roche-en-Ardenne on the eve of the Belgian Mountainbike Challenge (BeMC), Wednesday evening 8 May. The book about 25 years of Crocodile Trophy will be published shortly before Christmas 2019 and can be ordered as a pre-order from 9 May with a discount.

The Crocodile Trophy is the best known multi-day race for mountain bikers, in the rugged terrain of the outback on the north side of Australia. The first Crocodile Trophy took place in 1995. That means that this year, in October 2019, the 25th edition will be held.

The participants and followers experience the Crocodile Trophy with all their senses. They see, hear, smell, taste and feel the competition. This is reflected in the special anniversary book. A book that you can also experience with all your senses. You read the stories, you watch and hear the videos that can be uploaded with a mobile device, you smell the outback through scent strips in the book, you feel the wilderness by giving some pages the raw character and you taste the taste of Australia through flavor strips included in the book.

The anniversary book includes remarkable facts, stories and events, stories from participants, interviews, the winners but also the number last, the results of all editions – all participants find themselves in the book -, memories of the organizers, videos, photos, information about crocodiles, etc. Each book can be personalized by a cover that comes around the book. On the cover is a personal photo on the front and a personal story on the back. This way everyone can order his/her personal anniversary book. It is also possible to order a personalized book for someone who wants to ride the Crocodile Trophy (together). Then it becomes a ‘personalized bucket list book’.

The book 25 years of Crocodile Trophy has more than 200 pages and is realized by Ambaum BrandMakers. The richly illustrated book can be ordered from 9 May with a discount as a pre-order and costs € 49.95 excluding shipping.


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