by Croc finisher Alex Malone, Editor of the Cyclist Magazine

“In 2017 Cyclist ventured to far north Queensland to finally see and ride the real thing. It’s fair to say Alex Malone earned his keep, finishing sixth overall, albeit nearly three hours off the eventual winner Leandre Bouchard from Canada – who was at the time ‘fresh’ off his World Championships campaign in Cairns. It might be worth also mentioning he faced a reasonably stacked field, with a retired but still extremely competent Erik Dekker plus some other World Cup racers and even a Rio Olympian.

Two years on and a few more mountain bike stage races under his belt, Alex is going back for more and taking Daniel Bonello in tow – or perhaps that might be the other way around. Readers may remember Dan from other famous outings with Alex such as The Pioneer in 2018. There’ll be no moral support or fetching bidons at the Croc, this time they’re racing head-to-head.

The Cyclist formula: double the entrants = double the chance of winning the Crocodile Trophy, right?”

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