The Crocodile Trophy – the most legendary mountain bike stage race in the world.

The Crocodile Trophy is the most iconic and one of the World‘s oldest mountain bike stage races. Its eight-day stage plan from Cairns to Port Douglas is unique – every day is different!
The Crocodile Trophy has always been known as the most adventurous mountain bike stage race in the world and has attracted many different groups of cyclists from all over the world: recreational cyclists, amateurs, professionals, Tour de France participants and World-Olympic-champions.

Says our founder, Gerhard Schönbacher, himself an ex-pro road cyclist:

“When I had the idea of a unique mountain bike race in 1994 my vision was to create a mountain bike stage race as long as the Tour de France and as adventures as Paris – Dakar. To unite the two components I had to find the perfect location. After travelling to several countries including Spain, Sweden Morocco and Vietnam, I ended up in Australia where I found the perfect conditions. The Crocodile Trophy was born – the vision was to create an unforgettable event for cyclist from all over the world.”

No doubt the Crocodile Trophy is among the most well-known mountain bike stage races in the world. For many years the event has had the image of being the hardest bike race on the planet too…. back then there were years with 17 stages and 2400 km straight through the centre of the Red Contintent. However, the event has since established itself as a unique, adventurous and the most legendary mountain bike stage race that it is now by finding its home in the breath-taking region of Tropical North Queensland.

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