FRI 11.11.2022 | 82 km + 740 vm

  • Day seven. You have been racing for a week and you’ll be happy to see a day with less than 1000m of climbing. The thing is, once you’ve got out of Skybury (which will be pretty fast and dusty), when you cross the highway you still have the range to go through. But in a nice change from the previous days, you’re back in the rainforest! The trails can be wet but it’s not likelyat this time of year, and with a good rock base laid over problem areas, the only thing slowing you down will be fatigue. Be prepared for some punctures on large rocks used to reinforce some dirt tracks, they can be sharp. The singletrack before the descent is mostly motorbike built, with long swooping corners and some ruts in sections. This part of the forest is pretty open and a lot of fun! Its then along some gravel roads through the pine plantations and along beautiful rainforest roads. The final descent is on a closed road built by a local property developer who have generously allowed access and gives glimpses of the ocean for the first time in a week before turning into the Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures Park finish line
  • After a quick shower and bite to eat the fantastic owners, Peter and Angela Freeman, give you the first real chance to get up close and personal with some huge Crocodiles and a number of other native animals. You will have the opportunity to safely walk amongst these prehistoric creatures and be educated by their terrific staff in a specially prepared Croc trophy presentation. Its then back to the camp for another delicious meal and the last night camping.