FRI 10.11.2023| 125 km + 1463 vm

  • What we said earlier about variety? Well now you’re noticing it. Just days ago you were racing through World Heritage listed rainforest, and now you’ll be racing through terrain that wouldn’t be out of place in a Mad Max movie. This year will see you ride the same course but in the opposite direction to 2019.
  • Don’t let the profile fool you, there’s stuff all climbing compared to earlier this week. The downside of that is if you haven’t prepared well, each rise will feel like a huge mountain to conquer. But you’re in a stage race. Don’t stop moving. Always keep moving forward, drinking and eating. This too shall pass.
  • This is a lolly pop loop. You head out to a loop and come back the same way. That loop you do starts on dirt roads and some double track, but ends up on cattle-worn singletrack. There’s plenty of stuff to reach out and grab a derailleur or handlebar, and natural gullies to pump your bike through or pop off to change lines. If you’re feeling good it’s a lot of fun and a good place to make a move on your rivals. Overall the day is pretty flat and the 125km should tick by pretty fast. The finish is quick, but you might have some head wind. Find a group, make a pact. And know if it’s worth attacking them or staying together to the line.