WED 09.11.2022 | 120 km + 1933 vm

  • Sure it’s the longest stage yet, but you’ve got the hardest ones out of the way. If you haven’t been looking after nutrition, hydration and recovery you will not enjoy this day. If you are feeling rough, find the time for a proper warm up. It will help!
  • This is more of the traditional long outback stages that starts out heading west with long dry rolling dirt roads. After 20 kilometres you turn right and commence the 10km climb of Mt Misery. After briefly taking in some picturesque views you descend 5-6km along a beautiful winding non technical dirt road arriving at the small Historic Tin Mining Township of Irvinebank.
  • A quick feed zone stop and then its back on the wide dry dirt roads that make their way through true outback cattle country. Around 10km further down the road the road turns to track, rough, sandy and rocky in parts with some steep pitchy climbs through Stannery Hills. The next 20-30km are very tough on body and bike. This section has a history of destroying tyres and if your are not cautious has claimed a collarbone or two.. Faster is not necessarily better here.
  • The last 50 kilometres will have you travelling predominately along smooth fast Sunwater Channel tracks that cut through beautiful farming lands and eventually pops out at the Skybury Coffee Plantation home for nights 5 & 6.