by Justin Morris from Mind Matters Athlete Coaching for MarathonMTB.com

“The Crocodile Trophy has been through many variations over its 25 year history. From an utter gruelling misery march across Australia to a shorter stage race focusing on singletrack racing. The modern Crocodile Trophy offers a complete MTB experience for all styles of riders from the old school hardened racer who wants to hammer out long miles in hostile terrain to the weekend warrior who prefers to ride at a moderate pace on fun trails. The Croc is now achievable for most discerning mountain bike riders. Saying that, a smart and structured preparation is going to make the experience either more competitive or more enjoyable. MarathonMTB Team rider and 2x Croc racer Justin Morris from Mind Matters Athlete Coaching prepared a run down on what to focus on for a successful Crocodile Trophy preparation.”

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