Every big sport event needs a team of volunteers whose dedication to the job makes that event even possible. The same applies to the Crocodile Trophy. Every year we’re searching for willing, enthusiastic, able volunteers who spend their free time with us on tour to ensure the race runs smoothly and the participants have their once in a lifetime experience at the oldest and most legendary MTB-stage-race in the Australian Outback.

Volunteer roles vary. We do need people on different duties.


Every race provides several feed zones at each stage. We do need 3 teams to cover the event:

  • Minimum age 25
  • Drivers licence
  • Experience in 4 wheel driving
  • Independent acting and thinking
  • Sense of responsibility
  • You are outside all day
  • Direct contact with the riders
  • Incredible views and unique landscapes
  • Lots of action



The event ensures 3 meals per day for all the participants, crew-members and supporters. Kitchen-crew is the largest crew, but also the one with the most work.

  • Team spirit
  • A sense for kitchen work
  • Reliability
  • Great chef and always fun team
  • Various services
  • Lots of action
  • Participants favourite crew members ūüėä



The Croc Trophy has 4 different destinations for the camp during the event. The riders accommodations will be built up by the tent-crew. The Finish crew ensures that all other things will run smoothly.

  • Hands on mentality
  • Technical understanding
  • Practical thinking
  • Team spirit
  • Lots of action
  • Hard work but much fun
  • Biggest crew



  • Tented accommodation 5-11 november 2023
  • Crocodile Trophy official staff T-shirt
  • Catered meals provided every day during the race
  • Hard work and long days ‚Äď but a lot of fun!
  • An incredible adventure to remember
  • Pocket money AUD 50,- per day

If you are interested apply here: regina@croc.at, Subject: Volunteer_Croc 2023